Jughead’s first post!

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First off, I want to thank everyone in advance!  I have made an effort in my life to dedicate my time to the pursuit of creativity.  I have been lucky to have cultivated enough of an audience to generate the excitement in me needed to produce eccentric, yet, I believe, accessible entertainment.  So, I consider each Jughead’s Basement Podcast to be a work of art.  I spend the extensive amount of time needed to make each episode individually unique, extensive, and truthful to each band’s history.  Therefore it takes up much of the headspace allocated for creativity.  I am hoping that this patronage, from you the fan’s, gives me the extra time needed per month to make the episodes more prolific without sacrificing the depth to which I like each one to explore.  Please help this pursuit.  I choose my projects because I feel passionate about them, but I do not live in a vacuum.  I also make them to appeal to YOU the fan of music, the amateur historian, the artist willing to be inspired by the musicians that have come before you.  Help me make this Podcast grow.  Thank YOU!